Visit us on alternate Saturdays at:  The Marketplace, Brook Street, Tring   9.00am - 12.15pm  

Next Market: 11th April 2015   For more info email:

Tring Farmers' Market -Come get your Easter goodies!

World Challenge Second Hand Book Stall a stall selling a wide variety of second hand books plus home made bird boxes will be attending this market. Come support your local school and their World Challenge
Sammie Sorry no bread as Sammie is ill - apologies
Ellie's Ipad Art is at this market with lovely cards, paintings and other lovely gifts.
Artist Blacksmith Nick Swain is returning to the market. He has new ideas in metalwork coming this year so come take a look.
Tring Things are back. Mike has the Tring books, photographs (check out the new images) and memorabilia. Jan has her hand made Easter cards, painted eggs and some new designs.
KiwiChik has plenty of chocolate for Easter presents. Plus cakes!
Potash Farm have lovely locally grown chicken to feed the crowds this Easter.
Rowsham Farm has lovely Easter lamb, also local.
Cottage Perennials will have plenty of eggs and pots of spring bulbs
Jenny is happy to serve you sausage, egg and bacon baps, washed down with a cuppa.
Posh Janet is there with her chutneys and jams
Catrin has lots of eggs. Come check out her award winning chickens.
Cordially Yours has lovely fruit cordials. Great to mix with spirits or just with sparkling water, soda water etc
Chiltern Farm Foods has locally grown pork including joints, meatballs, sausages and bacon.
Mead's have flavoured and plain award winning rapeseed oils, salad dressings and bbq sauces. Plus their local beef.
Cheese Stall have a whole selection of British cheeses

Curious Foods & Mr Finn are not in attendance this market

Your Farmer's Market - quality and value always!

Catrin Clacy

Chickens, Eggs & Fresh Flowers

Eggs laid by rare and traditional pure-bred bantams and large chickens. Specialist eggs available seasonally.

Cottage garden plants, herbs and vegetables to fill your garden with colour and produce all year round.

Catrins Garden

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Johnnie Watherston

Fresh lamb and mutton

Locally reared in the Vale of Aylesbury on a small traditional farm. Lambs are born in the spring to take advantage of new grass free from any artificial fertilisers.


Rowsham Lamb
01296 681336

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